What Are The Best NFL Teams Of This Decade?

The NFL is more popular than ever, and as the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos prepare to meet in the Super Bowl, it seems like a great time to look back and see what were the best NFL teams of the decade. There have been a lot of great teams over the last 10 years, but a few franchises stand head and shoulders above the rest.


A quick look at the last decade of play shows that the New England Patriots have been the most successful franchise in football during that period. Led by quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots have won more games than any other team in the NFL. In addition, they have appeared in three Super Bowls, winning one.

Though the Indianapolis Colts did not make the playoffs this season, this was in large part due to injuries. Before this year, they were among the most successful teams in the league. Led first by Peyton Manning and then by Andrew Luck, the Colts won 110 games and appeared in two Super Bowls.

The third most successful team over the last decade is also from the AFC. The Pittsburgh Steelers have long been a dominant team in the league, and their success is ongoing. Over the last 10 years, the Steelers have been to three Super Bowls, winning two.

The best team in the NFC over the last decade has been the Green Bay Packers, who made a smooth transition from one Hall of Fame quarterback to another. From Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, the Packers seem like they are always in the playoffs, and they added another championship in 2011.

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Who will win Super Bowl 50? We will have to wait and see what the next chapter in the story of the NFL will be.

How the Fashion Industry Influences Online Shopping

When most people think of fashion, the idea of runways and fancy clothes tend to come to mind. While these are essential parts of that, e-commerce is a large proportion of the equation as well. In fact, there are many links between the two.

One of the main ways that fashion has influenced e-commerce is the introduction of the clothing subscription box. It is now possible to pay a fee to have fashion items sent to you monthly. From shoes to dress and everything in between, there are countless options. This means that someone can stay on top of the trends for a nominal fee, which is much easier than trying to read fashion magazines and go on impromptu shopping sprees.

Another thing that is very popular these days is borrowing clothing. It is not very economical to stay on top of all the latest fashions, but this kind of service eliminates any issues. You can go out all month with some of the hottest clothes and return them later to borrow something else. This means you can walk outside all of the time looking like a fashion maven who spends a ton, even though the opposite is true.

There is another indirect way that fashion has influenced e-commerce. When it comes to product placement on web pages, it seems that people are trying to make things look more appealing than ever before. Trying to utilize white space and other fashion tricks are used in the online shopping community as well.

If you take a look at the surface, it may look like fashion and e-commerce are two different concepts that are linked yet have no significant impact on one another. After reading this, it should be clear to you that they are more related now than ever before.

What You Need To Know Before Investing In Tesla Options

There is more to buying stock than just owning a stake in a company. It is more like having faith and confidence in its future success. This holds true for Tesla Motors with the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, steering it daily into new waters. Many investors in Tesla stock believe that buying TSLA stock is buying into a greener, cleaner future with solar power and clean energy. However, Tesla shares have risen and fallen with regularity during the past couple of years since convincing the public that owning an electric car is convenient, feasible and a cost-efficient mode of transportation.

Pegged as a high-risk high-reward stock by many, it remains, however, a start-up company with many questioning whether the transformative potential of the company will ever be translated into dividends and earnings. The future of these innovative cars remains exciting but difficult to predict, and investors in Tesla options should temper their expectations with caution as some variables could jeopardize future earnings. Some things investors need to know before taking the plunge are:

– Most Tesla cars were made to order for wealthy or future-focused customers, and the company reported a loss more than $46 million during Q2 in 2015. Tesla cars are currently too expensive for the regular consumer with a price tag ranging between $70,000 and $110,000 even though there are plans to produce more affordable versions

– TSLA may run out of batteries to power Tesla cars, even with the world-renowned 10 million sq.ft. “giga-factory” projected to solve the problem by employing 6,500 people. Rumor has it that several giga-factories will be needed to handle the demand for batteries and it will take an incredible amount of CapEx to keep the company fully operational and its shareholders happy.

– Declining gas prices may make it more economically attractive to drive gasoline-powered vehicles relative to driving Tesla cars. With increased petroleum supplies, production of fuel-efficient internal-combustion engines far outweighs production a decade ago and keeps on growing.

– Increased competition from other electric vehicles production companies such as Chevrolet and Nissan, as well as plans by BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen to enter the market within the next few years, it may become very crowded as they vie for Tesla’s market share.

Lastly, it is believed that TSLA may never recoup the massive CapEx the company has spent on an infant industry that has been paved with failed start-ups. Billions in capital expenditure have already been devoted to the development of the new Model 3 and Model X versions, apart from the hefty price tag for the battery factory. It is said that with any new product innovators come first and then the imitators arrive, and other companies may well capitalize on Tesla’s initial creation by just repackaging the product and start making money immediately.

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How To Promote Special Offers On Facebook?

Although “Facebook Offers” was available for some time, it has been newly updated to allow a business to post an offer on their Facebook page. In fact, if a particular business wants to promote their offers to other Facebook users, they have to pay a fee now. There are three types of Facebook Offers that a business can purchase. They are in-store only, online only, and in-store & online. This article provides information on how to promote special offers on Facebook.

Offers are only available to be posted on Facebook pages and not individuals. For a Facebook page to be eligible to create an offer, they should have more than 400 likes. Creating a special offer on Facebook is not difficult. Here are the steps that you need to take to create a special offer on Facebook.

  • In the status bar on Facebook, click on “Offer, Event +.”
  • Select “Offer.”
  • Choose the type of offer you want to create – in-store, online or in-store & online.
  • If the offer is to be redeemable online, you should type the web address where your customer can redeem the offer. It is better to add a redemption code for its clients to enter.
  • Type an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Upload a photo (thumbnail size) to explain the offer further.
  • Set the expiration date by selecting the appropriate dates.
  • Click terms to enter the terms and conditions of your offer.
  • If you promote an in-store offer, you have the option of adding a barcode to be scanned.
  • Click on the preview to view the offer before you publish it.
  • If you are okay with the offer, click on “set budget.”
  • Choose an appropriate budget and click share to publish the offer.

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How to Increase Internet Brand Awareness

Having an internet brand is not enough to win over customers and make a name for yourself. You need to ensure that your brand is known and that people are aware of what you have to offer. This is why you need to know how to increase internet brand awareness—Lunch and Learn Building Brand Exposure. There are a number of ways that you can do this and it is important that you incorporate this into your digital marketing strategy.

Create An Identifiable Brand

Increasing brand awareness will start when you create your brand. You need to have a strong and consistent brand identity that people will find easy to follow and identify. All of your logos, colors, and fonts should be consistent across the internet. This means that the colors and logo you use on your website should be incorporated into your social media accounts and email marketing.

You should also have a brand story which lets potential customers know about the people behind the brand. To do this, you need to have an about us page on your website and look at engaging with your potential customers. Showing the human side of your brand will help you be more identifiable.

Optimize Your Website

First impressions are everything and when you have an online brand your website will be making the impression for you. This is why you need to ensure that your website is correctly optimized for both the search engines and your users. You should consider you landing pages and how easy it is for people to navigate your website.

The design of your website is vital because poorly designed sites will generally have a higher bounce rate and this will hurt conversions. The website should be responsive to allow for traffic from any device as well as easy to use. Our branding should be clear and you need to have social share buttons on every page.

Having A Social Presence

One of the best ways to increase internet brand awareness is to have a social media presence. Social media allows you to connect with your potential customers directly and build relationships. It is important that you are proactive when it comes to social media and not only respond to people who have contacted you.

When looking at your social media presence, you need to carefully consider which platforms you will use. You have to focus on the platforms that will benefit your brand the most. Facebook and Twitter are social networks that you should consider. However, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram should be carefully considered and you need to determine whether or not your brand will benefit from their user base.

There are many different ways that you can increase internet brand awareness. The first step is to create a brand that is identifiable and to ensure that you have consistent branding across the internet. You also need to ensure that your website has been correctly optimized as this will be the first impression people have of your brand.

How to Determine if Your Roommate’s Lifestyle is Compatible With Your Own

It can be quite a big task to find a roommate in roommate finder New York City, especially one that you are compatible with. You will be sharing a home, so it is important that you find a great match. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to go about this and hopefully get the best result:

1. Know What You Are Looking For

Personal preference is what dictates what is important to you; this is why you should always be upfront about what it is you are looking for. Even if your preferences may seem insignificant to you, always state them upfront. This way you will avoid the risk of having your living situation blow up in your face at a later date. Make sure that you look for the most important qualities which are honesty, respect, timely payment of bills, cleanliness (at least relative), and dependability.

2. Look for Red Flags

Some of the biggest red flags you want to keep an eye out for are someone who is not respectful of the space, schedule, and belongings of someone else and someone who doesn’t pay their rent on time. To avoid these scenarios you can request their credit score, ask for a reference from previous roommates, inquire as to what they for a living, make sure that you do all of this in person so you can see their reactions and if possible give former roommates a call.

3. Meet up to Discuss Details

Once you have found some candidates, you want to meet up in person and see if you are a good fit. Not only should you pay attention to how you feel about the person you are considering, but also discuss any key issues before signing a lease. For example, how rent and utilities will be split, if food and toiletries will be divided, any chore or cleaning schedules, the furniture situation, etc.

Although it can be difficult to find a compatible roommate, by visiting this website Roomzoom the task will be a much easier one.

Are Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Still Effective?

If there is one thing that is true about the Internet, it’s the fact that it has changed the way that we do many things in this world. In fact, we may find that we could not live without the Internet any longer because it has been quite a convenience that we have grown accustomed to. That being said, there are also some real-world items that need looking into as well. This is especially true if you plan on building a business.

Most people look to the Internet to do their marketing campaigns, and they may do them successfully in many different ways. Some of the standard modes of marketing online include email, social media, and direct outreach. Many people who have grown accustomed to this type of marketing wonder if it is still possible to see some success by running direct mail marketing campaigns. Are they still effective?

First of all, it’s important to differentiate between direct mail and email marketing. When we receive an email that we don’t want, it is often quite disturbing, and sometimes, it can even be alarming. We are often quick to click on the delete button and we never even look at what it says. When we go to the mailbox, however, it is another story. Most of us tend to look at our mail, and some of us may even consider it to be somewhat unusual actually to hold mail in our hand.

Quite simply, person for person, medical mailing list marketing campaigns can be much more efficient than any email marketing. As long as you have a list that is highly targeted and has not aged too much before you receive it and you send a compelling offer, you will see some success.

Sports Insights Contrarian Betting Explained

In the world of investments and in the world of sports betting, there is a special group of people who tend to bet and invest countertrend. These people disagree with the sentiment of the market. The disagree with the crowd and he chooses to bet against those who are betting in one direction. Many people call it betting against the herd. In many ways, contrarian investors and sports betting professionals often have a large edge over their competition and definitely the masses. If you think about it, the average investor, the average person who bets their money on sports, is a life long loser in those endeavors.

If the average person to still lose over the long run when it comes to putting their money in the direction of the masses, of the herd, of general sentiment, then you can tell that it is not a good way to position your money. Yes, there are times when betting with the crowd is the best play and when that is so it is very obvious. But one truth that you have to realize is that when it comes to sports betting if everyone knows that team a has a huge advantage over team B, then the return on investment of that particular bat is going to be very low. So it is not a good bet at all, it does not give you a good return on your money.

This is why contrarian sports betting professionals, contrarian betting, look for those opportunities when the crowd is all in one direction and where they can get a huge return on investment by betting against them. These opportunities come each and every week and those professionals who learn this skill are able to get a huge advantage over everyone else.

The question then becomes, is this only for professional sports betting winners, those who do this for a living, those who have specialized information? The answer to that question is an emphatic no. Anyone can become a contrarian sports betting person. All it takes is betting against the general sentiment that the majority of people have. In the simplest form that is all that it takes. But you know that in life, things are typically more complex, especially when you’re talking about money. So it will take doing a little bit more than just betting against the trend.

Professional contrarian sports gamblers know a little bit more than everyone else. They research a lot more than the average person, they figure out the mathematics and what will give them the greatest advantage and the biggest return. If you want to start betting against the trend and trying a contrarian approach, then you need to up your research skills, you need to be on the lookout for these opportunities, you need to do the math to make sure that it is a good pact with a huge return and you too can use this style of making money. If you would like to learn more about this click true to the links that we have listed in our article.

Where to Buy the Best Jiu Jitsu DVDs

You might think that grappling and rolling on the floor with some random stranger will never be your idea of fun. Sweaty, right? However, what if there is much more than meets the eye.

There is a certain hype in the increasing popularity of learning jiu jitsu training – BJJFanatics.com nowadays. Maybe it’s the media. Maybe it’s your friends. Or maybe you just happen to want to learn about martial arts and a flyer about Jiu-Jitsu at that exact moment fly to you. Kismet, perhaps?

Brazilian Jiu-JItsu (BJJ)is a combat sport martial arts system that highlight on grappling and ground fighting. One of the reasons why people are promoting BJJ is because of the concept that a small and feeble person can successfully defend against a stronger, bigger, heavier assailant.

Below are just some of the benefits while learning the art of jiu-jitsu.

-Physical. Losing weight and developing your flexibility while having fun can be done in your BJJ classes. Warmups usually start with a brutal regiment that any other physical exercises like running and weightlifting can never rival. But more than the look you aim, improvements such as lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar, maintaining or losing excess weight, and becoming fit as a whole can be seen as you continue your classes.

-Mental. Learning something new require a semblance of your mental prowess. Learning new and aiming to be better every day while your limits are tested will require all of your mental faculties and more. Besides the physical benefits you get in your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, you have an avenue to relieve your stress and develop patience, persistence, and endurance that you can apply to work and personal life.

You now decide to have a go at learning BJJ, but you can’t find the time to enroll in a gym. Or maybe you have already enrolled, but you want to supplement your learning with some practice session at home. Where can you buy the best BJJ DVDs?

There are many variants of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVDs available in the market. If you are looking material with lots of techniques,  Demian Maia’s Science of Jiu-Jitsu might be best for you. Saulo’s BJJ Revolution Series 1 &2 will also change the way you practice the art. Maybe you are aiming to master OMOPLATA, then Garcia’s New Game is the answer you are looking. But if you are still a beginner and would like to try the video first before enrolling in a gym class, you can choose between No GI Essentials (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) or Tinguinha’s Ultimate Guide To BJJ.

There are many options for you to buy online or you might go directly to the nearest video store. If you decide on buying online, make sure to buy only with reputable sites and expect to shell out between $25 to $80 per DVD, but you can also opt for a set with price ranging from $200 to $350.

Age is just a number. No matter your height, weight, or age, you can always start learning jiu-jitsu. The younger you are the better for you because flexibility is so much easier. But nonetheless, whether you are in your 20s or 30s or 40s, you can start learning the art of jiu-jitsu. You’ll never know, you might just amaze yourself and learn to love the sport.

Trusted Sports Betting Websites

There are so many websites and apps you can use in Betting Trends. However, not all these sites have a great reputation and it is important to be careful when selecting an online sportsbook since you will have to share your personal information with this site and send them money. One of the biggest concern is whether or not the sports betting site you use will send you the money if you win a bet.

Check Online Reviews

Checking online reviews and ratings is a good way to find trustworthy betting sites. The reviews published on the official site of a sportsbook are not necessarily trustworthy. It is best to check reviews that have been shared by bloggers or on message boards. Look for reviews that sound like they were written by someone who has placed bets on the site you are interested in. A genuine review should mention specific things about a sports betting site and ideally include some screenshots.

Get Recommendations From Other Sports Betting Enthusiasts

You might not know anyone who places bets online but there is a very active online community around sports and sports betting. You can find groups on social media, message boards and blogs on this topic. This is a great way to connect with other people and to get advice on which sites to use and which ones to avoid. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or to ask about a specific sports betting site you have been wanting to try.

Do Some Background Research

You can recognize trust sports betting sites by doing some background research. A trustworthy sportsbook should be entirely transparent regarding the location of the company and how long it has been around for. You should also be able to find contact and customer service information. Try contacting a sportsbook to see if it is easy to talk to a person. Avoid companies that have changed their names multiple times or that have not been around for very long.

Look For Safe Payment Options

A trusted sports betting site should provide you with a safe and easy way to make deposits and to withdraw your money when you win a bet. Ideally, there should be several payment methods accepted. Look for safety certificates and make sure that other people have been able to easily withdraw their earnings. Do not use a sportsbook that doesn’t share any details about payments or that does not seem to offer a safe way to make deposits.

It is important to look for a sports betting site that can be trusted since you will have to share your personal information and deposit money to place bets. You also need to make sure the sportsbook you use will actually pay you if you win. Take the time to do some background research and to check reviews before trying a new betting site and make sure the site is safe and easy to use before you deposit money.

Applying For Your LTC in Massachusetts

Before you buy a firearm in the state of Massachusetts, you’ll want to know and understand that Mass Gun Safety Laws. You’ll also need to take a class to ensure that you know how to properly handle a weapon and understand the rules and regulations for Massachusetts.

In this class, you’ll learn how to shoot as well as load and handle several different firearms. You’ll have an instructor at your side every step of the way.

You’ll be in a small group of about 4 as typically there is one instructor per every four students. This is done to ensure that there is plenty of one on one instruction while you’re learning.

You’ll also learn what you need to do once you’ve completed your class so that you can get your permit. Many of the classes will allow you to bring a friend with you. Your friend may fully participate however, they won’t get their certificate unless they pay the required fees.

This class will qualify students for either a resident or a nonresident license. This class will also qualify students for the states of Maine and Florida.

This class will certify students for life. If for any reason a student must be re-certified the class is free of charge. Upon completion of the class, students will receive their state certification.

As an added bonus, there is free parking for all classes so there won’t be any need to have someone drop you off and pick you up nor will students have to search for free parking.

Instructors are certified as the top of the line and experienced. All classes are four hours long after which students will receive their firearms license.

Whether you’ve ever used a firearm before or not, this class will safely take you from beginner stage to pro in four hours. Students will learn to safely handle a firearm. Load the firearm, how to properly store a firearm and how to transport all firearms safely.

Students will also learn how to fire a handgun and properly maintain their firearm at all times.

Classroom instruction will consist of lectures, video simulators and actually loading, unloading and firing the weapons. Students will have plenty of hands-on experience.

Classes must be pre-registered for as classroom space is limited. Massachusetts gun safety is reliant on fully training students on simulators as well as with actual weapons.

Computers offer up different targets and scenarios similar to those that police forces use to train their officers. Weapons will be laser weapons on 70-inch screens. This makes it more lifelike before students learn with a real weapon.

All Massachusetts residents who are 15 years of age and over and wish to own, carry or transport firearms as well as ammunition must have a firearms license.

Always check with your local police department prior to application for this license to ensure the Mass gun safety laws that are required for your particular area. All licenses are issued via the local police department.

NFL Players Who Have A Record…Not The Good Kind!

2013-fantasy-football-handcuffsEach and every year we hear stories in the sports world where professional athletes run into trouble with the law. These players are high profile with a lot to lose, which means that they always need to do all that they can to hire the best lawyers to protect their legal record and their brand. However, another critical point in the process revolves around finding a bail bond company that can assist them. These bail bond experts will be able to help them receive their release from jail to allow them to continue their careers.

Consider the list of NFL players below who have been arrested.

Terrence Cody

This player is a player on the Ravens, who was arrested and hit with drug charges in 2015. In addition to the drug charges, he was also hit with animal cruelty charges due to the fact that he had a pet alligator that police were concerned about.

Johnny Manziel

__johnny_football___johnny_manziel_by_corylevydesigns-d6wrl38Johnny Manziel came into the league as a darling of sorts, but his career quickly fizzled out due in large part to his off the field conduct. In addition to problems in college related to disorderly conduct and using a fake ID, Johnny Football has been arrested for domestic violence charges as well, in an incident where he allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend.

Letroy Guion

This player was pulled over and arrested when police officers found a substantial amount of marijuana in his vehicle, along with a high quantity amount of cash and a firearm. Because of this he received probation and had to receive bail from the arrest to get out of jail quickly.

These are examples of NFL players who have been arrested and had to call on a bail agent to help them out. These bail bond professionals can be lifesavers, and should be relied upon in such situations.

Winning Marketing Strategies Used By The NFL

nfl fans

Countless people have watched television without giving a second thought to the commercials that roll during the broadcast. This used to be the premier way for the NFL to market themselves, but over the years, people are less inclined to pay attention to the ads. As a result, the NFL has adopted other marketing strategies that are more useful.

The NFL RedZone is one of the marketing tools that they have whipped out their arsenal, and fans are loving it. The idea that you can head to one place and see the highlights of every game that was played over the course of any Sunday. People can view all of the highlights and cheer until they have laryngitis, yet they never have to see commercials. This draws more people in than ever, so clearly it is a winning strategy.

Another smart thing they do is encourage fans to visit their social media page and like them. These days, it is a serious mistake not to have social media accounts. The NFL understands this, and they try to give the fans exactly what they want. Not only is there an official page for the NFL as a whole, but most players have official pages as well.

To revisit the RedZone for a moment, fans are offered the opportunity to send Twitter messages while they are watching the broadcast. People are so happy that they are given the opportunity to share things that excite them that they do not realize that they are offering free marketing to the NFL. This is in opposite to a specifically forward marketing company such as searchtides.com

Now that you have a good idea of what the NFL is doing to market their business, you should consider using similar tactics to market your company. As you can tell, these methods have given them the opportunity to grow an even larger fanbase than they previously had.