NFL Players Who Have A Record…Not The Good Kind!

2013-fantasy-football-handcuffsEach and every year we hear stories in the sports world where professional athletes run into trouble with the law. These players are high profile with a lot to lose, which means that they always need to do all that they can to hire the best lawyers to protect their legal record and their brand. However, another critical point in the process revolves around finding a bail bond company that can assist them. These bail bond experts will be able to help them receive their release from jail to allow them to continue their careers.

Consider the list of NFL players below who have been arrested.

Terrence Cody

This player is a player on the Ravens, who was arrested and hit with drug charges in 2015. In addition to the drug charges, he was also hit with animal cruelty charges due to the fact that he had a pet alligator that police were concerned about.

Johnny Manziel

__johnny_football___johnny_manziel_by_corylevydesigns-d6wrl38Johnny Manziel came into the league as a darling of sorts, but his career quickly fizzled out due in large part to his off the field conduct. In addition to problems in college related to disorderly conduct and using a fake ID, Johnny Football has been arrested for domestic violence charges as well, in an incident where he allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend.

Letroy Guion

This player was pulled over and arrested when police officers found a substantial amount of marijuana in his vehicle, along with a high quantity amount of cash and a firearm. Because of this he received probation and had to receive bail from the arrest to get out of jail quickly.

These are examples of NFL players who have been arrested and had to call on a bail agent to help them out. These bail bond professionals can be lifesavers, and should be relied upon in such situations.