Winning Marketing Strategies Used By The NFL

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Countless people have watched television without giving a second thought to the commercials that roll during the broadcast. This used to be the premier way for the NFL to market themselves, but over the years, people are less inclined to pay attention to the ads. As a result, the NFL has adopted other marketing strategies that are more useful.

The NFL RedZone is one of the marketing tools that they have whipped out their arsenal, and fans are loving it. The idea that you can head to one place and see the highlights of every game that was played over the course of any Sunday. People can view all of the highlights and cheer until they have laryngitis, yet they never have to see commercials. This draws more people in than ever, so clearly it is a winning strategy.

Another smart thing they do is encourage fans to visit their social media page and like them. These days, it is a serious mistake not to have social media accounts. The NFL understands this, and they try to give the fans exactly what they want. Not only is there an official page for the NFL as a whole, but most players have official pages as well.

To revisit the RedZone for a moment, fans are offered the opportunity to send Twitter messages while they are watching the broadcast. People are so happy that they are given the opportunity to share things that excite them that they do not realize that they are offering freeĀ marketing to the NFL. This is in opposite to a specifically forward marketing company such as

Now that you have a good idea of what the NFL is doing to market their business, you should consider using similar tactics to market your company. As you can tell, these methods have given them the opportunity to grow an even larger fanbase than they previously had.